Xmas Sale!!! Now only 99cents!
Limited time only!

Update: Demo Available! Play it here.

I've just added a new single level demo for the game. Work your aggression out on some Toy Soldiers and Teddy Bears, as you battle your way towards a crazed Boss on a pogo stick!

Or skip the demo entirely and click the Buy Now button, to jump right into the full game, and make Santa and all his weasely little minions pay!

It's done! Finished in time for Xmas and ready for you to mete out some sweet revenge on herds of anthropomorphic baddies!

  • All new enemy intro animations added
  • completely reprogrammed the enemy loader
  • reworked the camera
  • added unlimited continues (cause you're going to die...lots)
  • redesigned the grenade animation
  • and tweaked the controls!

Basically, everything has been rebuilt from the ground up!

Want to give it a shot? Check out the Flash demo level and try to survive the onslaught:

Want to see what the whole game has to offer?
Watch the trailer, or, better yet, click the big shiny "Buy Now" button and get yourself a copy.

Only 99 cents! You can't afford NOT to buy one ;)
Perfect gift for any video game lover in the family.

100% Canadian Made, 100% Indie, and like, 79% messed up ;)

Brand New Trailer!!!